Sack Heads Radio Show - 9.6.2017

Sack Heads Radio  - Wednesdays at 8 pm PST

This week on the Sack Heads Radio Show, live from the SHR Media Mega Headquarters in Sacramento, California. Live on Spreaker and You Tube, the Sack Heads bring you News, politics, and comedy that isn't for the faint of heart. Clint, BZ and Shaun can be heard  every Wednesday at 8 pm PST on and You Tube.

This Week on the Sack Heads:

1. The Business Diva herself, Melanie Collette joins the Sack Heads at 8:15 to discuss her show "Money Talk w/ Melanie, that airs right here on SHR Media.

2. Jersey Joe, host of the Reaver of Common Sense on SHR Media, will join the Sack Pack live from Florida to discuss Hurricane Irma and how the state is preparing for the monster storm.

3. North Korea cooks one off, how should America respond?

4. DACA no more, as President Trump ends the controversial "rule" that was implemented by President Obama.

Those are just a few of the topics on tonight's show, Listen below, join the live chat or watch on You Tube!


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