Sack Heads Radio Show, 11-8-17

We're back beeyotches, after something of an hiatus not of our own doing. But enough of that! Let's get on to the crux of the biscuit, and that's the Sack Heads Radio Show featuring Sack Heads Shaun, Sack Heads Clint and Sack Heads BZ.

Sadly, however, Clint did, literally, "phone it in" this time.

Tonight we talked about:

  • Sack Heads Clint, customarily omnipresent, was sadly unomnipresent;
  • The end of Daylight Savings Time in the UK: much work is required in order to drag those rocks back one hour;

  • The chatroom was jam-gepacked with 1.4 metric tonnes of Sack Heads Fans: thanks!
  • BZ inserted a MindWorm: the vision of anacondas coming out of your toilet as you settle in;
  • The Star Spangled Banner needs to be eliminated because of racist tones? Not;
  • Book Chat with Sack Heads: Phillip K. Dick; check out "Man In The High Castle";
  • The Texas church shooting;
  • Trump's visit to Asia: Japan, South Korea, China and Russia;
  • Backgrounding gun sales, military history and coordination of databases;
  • Truism: good guys with guns STOP bad guys with guns. Period.
  • The North Korean dangers of conducting nuclear testing;
  • President Donald Trump's speech in South Korea;
  • Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran and Israel;
  • Once again: Sunni vs Shiite;
  • Donna Brazile, her book and the DNC expose.

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