Wednesday, June 21, 2017

BZ's Berserk Bobcat Saloon, Tuesday, June 20th, 2017, with special guest KEL FRITZI

My thanks to the SHR Media Network for allowing me to broadcast in their studio and over their air twice weekly, Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as appear on the Sack Heads Radio Show™ each Wednesday evening.

The wonderful Kel Fritzi -- the Canadian Infidel -- joined us again in the Saloon. She runs RFB Radio (Red Fox Blogger), whose fantastic radio shows can be heard here on Spreaker. She is here on Facebook, as well as here, @MikeRuffiansea on Twitter. Her show on BlogTalkRadio, called RFB Radio, the Canadian Infidel, can be heard here, and she is a major contributor to Global Patriot Radio. Whew. That's some CV. Let's just say she's an expert on Islam.

Tonight in the Saloon:
  • Republican Karen Handel slays the $33 Million Dollar Man, Jon Ossoff;
  • Happy Stories: Florida man disarms 3 robbers with machetes and shotguns;
  • USS Fitzgerald collides with a huge container ship; 7 sailors are killed due to the terrible criminal negligence of the Fitzgerald's OOD, the Officer of the Deck;
  • We speak to Kel Fritzi about all things Islam these days, to include Brussels;
  • Tami Jackson is coming as special guest this Thursday, June 22nd; be here!
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This Thursday in the Saloon for The Aftermath, I have none other than the glorious Tami Jackson on hand, proud Norwegian Blue (beautiful plumage), owner of Right Voice Media, exquisite host of the Tami Jackson Show on the 405 Media, Media/Marketing Director for Robar Guns, an Evangelical Christian who is NRA certified in Basic Pistol, a CHL holder trained in Concealed Carry Tactics by tier one shooting instructor, former Navy SEAL Jeff Gonzales.

Tami J, as I call her, is well versed in All Things Conservative as I well discovered at the 2015 Hugh Hewitt TribbleFest in Disneyland, where I first met her. A warning up front: Tami Jackson has two speeds only: ON and OFF. Even so, I'll wager I can get her to divulge some things heretofore undivulged. Tune in and listen! I promise: there will be much Conservative Buttery Goodness to hear and see.

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