Sack Heads Radio Show 7-19-2017: Live from Freedom Fest 2017

Coming to you live from studio 1 (unless you're listening to the podcast...then it was recorded live, but not actually get it).

Each week the Sack Heads rip into politics, news and current events.

Has the government gone too far? Are your rights being attacked?

Out of control world leaders? They've got it covered!

With sharp tongues and occasional potty humor, they strive to keep the facts straight...meaning they pick up what the "Main Stream Media" ignores or just hides.

Be sure to catch the gang each week for "kick ass”cial" guests, listener calls and the insanity on the Sack Heads can provide.

Trust us, you won't want to miss an episode.

Listen to "Sack Heads Radio Show, July 19, 2017" on Spreaker.

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