Progressive college professor blames 'whiteness' for Texas church shooting

All the leftist stupidity is coming out now. Many progressives are apoplectic. I mean, walking around in tears, bemoaning the end of civilization, that sort of thing.

Some are out in the streets, burning Trump effigies as is done in Iran and other primitive 3rd world regions. Some are openly tweeting for "presidential assassination".

Unbelievable. It's good the election Of Trump had this outcome, just to expose the stupidity, shallowness, and treachery of the liberal mind.

There was a time that college administrators and professors were generally kind, fair, supportive of freedom of speech and assembly, and truly believed in American exceptionalism.

Too many of these folks have been replaced by the products of the 1960s -- intolerant, leftist, entitled, and self-centered.

A controversial Drexel University professor is under fire once again after his latest comments on the mass killing at a Texas church this past weekend. George Ciccariello-Maher, the progressive professor who blamed the Las Vegas massacre on “Trumpism” and “white victimization,” now claims white “entitlement” is the motivating factor behind mass-shootings.

“Whiteness is never seen as a cause, in and of itself, of these kinds of massacres,” Ciccariello-Maher said in an interview with Democracy Now!, adding, “despite the fact that whiteness is a structure of privilege and it’s a structure of power, and a structure that, when it feels threatened, you know, lashes out.”

Ciccariello-Maher promoted the interview on Twitter as a discussion about “white masculinity, militarism, and terror after Sutherland Springs.”

Ciccariello-Maher claims that the right “jumps on any violence by people of color,” but “doesn’t want to talk about the real deep structures of white supremacy in our society...not just the fringe, not just the Nazi movements, but what people are going through every day and what it is that is driving people to these kinds of situations, where they feel so entitled to dominance, that when that’s questioned, they can explode in these very, very unpredictable ways.”

Ciccariello-Maher has attempted to connect President Trump to the rise in mass shootings.

“Trump makes hay out of the fact that white men, in particular, feel as though they’re the victims of this society, despite being in absolute control of it,” Ciccariello-Maher said. “And this is something that is powerfully dangerous, and it’s why we’re not seeing only the rise in violent attacks, more generally, and the rise of far-right movements, but we’re certainly seeing, you know, clearly, sort of some very serious incidents of mass violence, as well.”

Every twenty or thirty years, Americans forget how disastrous progressive governance is and allow themselves to be manipulated into electing radical leftists to office--Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama most recently.

Since progressive policies would never be accepted at face value, leftists are obliged to lie to us, to manipulate the media, and to use the force of the federal government to coerce compliance. Control over the mechanisms of government and a compliant media confuse Progressives into thinking that they are getting away with it.

"I still have a dream, a dream deeply rooted in the American dream – one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed, 'We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal.' I have a dream.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I have a dream today!" Martin Luther King Jr.

My long-time readers and listeners know that I consider Martin Luther King Jr. to be one of the 3 greatest leaders in U.S. history. I have no doubt that Dr. King would be appalled by the tactics of the radical liberal left.

One thing that's become abundantly clear from reading the radical progressives is that they care absolutely nothing about the well-being of minorities. Nothing at all. They are just using those people as pawns on which to spin false tales of discrimination by conservatives and Republicans.

Progressives are using blacks, Muslims, Hispanics and LBGT's as nothing more than pawns for political gain and to further their agenda.

Minorities are first and foremost kindred Americans who agree with conservatives on most issues, including equal opportunity, law and order, and the right to fulfill our destiny through business ownership. They are our friends, and we conservative are theirs. If we and they understand that, then the bridge can be crossed to make the improvements in inner city education, opportunity, and safety.

One of the quickest arms in the radical progressive arsenal is to accuse anyone of being racist. It is just one more of their tactics to scare the people and offer themselves as saviors.

If the leftists couldn't scream "racism" they'd have little to say. It's core their constituent building via victimhood strategy. Screaming "racist" is a tactic designed to shut down debate and liberals need that since they can't win on the merits.

This is also why progressives save their most vicious attacks for minority members who dare to stray to the right. Progressives know that if a small but critical mass were to venture off the house of cards they run would fold.

If you are a conservative, then you are not allowed to say anything about minorities. If you do stray into that area, then you will be labeled a racist, bigot, or at least insensitive.

Yet, progressives can develop policies that make generation after generation of people (that means black, brown, white, etc.) dependent on the government for survival and disincentives for being productive without even a whisper of criticism.

Poverty is color blind. It doesn't care what race you are. Policies that promote dependence on the government for survival is wrong no matter who you are. The left are willing to let generations of people live in poverty to promote political gain.

It is about time that all Americans begin talking in moral terms, not just economic terms, about the catastrophe that has been befallen our fellow citizens. It is a moral catastrophe created by years of liberal social policies that assume the worst of people.

For example, every "program" that has been foisted on American urban blacks has been given a loving brand name. Who dares oppose a program with brand names such as "Headstart" for children, or assistance to "Women, Infants, and Children"?

That these programs slowly and irreversibly destroyed the black family by driving men out of the lives of women, and fathers out of the lives of children. Anyone that dares to point out the correlation between the arrival of these programs and the beginning of the demise of the black family is labeled a racist by the liberal left.

Why is it that progressives and race baiters always cry racism? Perhaps to excuse their failed social experiments?

LBJ's Great Society destroyed the black family by subsidising single mothers and replacing fathers with the dole. Teacher's unions and crony school boards ruined inner city public schools, aided by increasing lax standards disguised as improvements in self-esteem. Rising taxes to pay for union pensions, corruption, and market distorting regulations encouraged businesses and jobs to migrate to the suburbs.

How can inner city youth be expected to succeed when they are hamstrung by low expectations and entangled by vested interests who leech resources from the cities? It's a wonder that the inner cities haven't imploded more quickly.

It's not the conservatives who are being racist. It's the liberals who set up the system designed to create a perpetual underclass.

The left criticizes other people for not reaching out to the poor and minorities, and then when they do address the problems, liberals call them racist. This is a never-ending battle that we have to deal with. The left is aided by the media in these efforts.

What the progressives refuse to wake up to is that they, including their notorious race baiters in this country, have become the new southern plantation owners. Progressives need to keep dependency alive and well whether it be through race or immigration because their ballot box support absolutely thrives on it.

Trillions were misguidedly squandered on a "war on poverty" for 50 years under the false pretense of compassion could not have done a better job at harming personal initiative and stunting the cause of personal development and true self-esteem through earned accomplishment than if it had been consciously planned that way.

But don't expect the left to ever see it that way. Progressives are as blind to the social scars their programs inspire as those plantation owners were blind to the degradation their system wreaked over 150 years ago.

We have serious problems in this country which should be debated vigorously, but the left is too childish to have an adult conversation with people they disagree with. Their idea of "dialog" is that conservatives are supposed to simply nod their heads and silently agree with whatever the left says or wants. Any disagreement is labeled "hate speech" or "racism."

So, too many people continue to play this silly game: a person actually says what he or she really means (for a change) and the left has conniption fits, and screams "racism." The media broadcast the "racism" charges until the person recants his or her "heresy" and repents. The person apologizes and then never brings up the topic again.

Progressives have then accomplished their purpose - which is to censor and smear all those who do not see things their way. And in the meantime, nothing at all changes in the inner cities and nothing will ever change - because the last thing the left wants is an honest debate.

All Americans have to stop kowtowing to this. If you said nothing racist, don't back down.

Accusations of racism by the left are effective because conservatives make them so by how they respond to them. People submit to the accusations which give them merit.

Far too many folks always fall for the trap of confessing their guilt and apologizing so that anyone out there who is objective, or undecided on the issue, must naturally take such apologies as proof of the accusations. In this regard, they do live up to the stigma they have of being stupid.

The proper way for someone in the public eye to deal with such attacks is to take the offense. When they speak truthfully and are accused of racism, they must repeat their remarks openly, loudly, and boldly and continue to do so at every opportunity.

In no circumstance must they follow the traditional playbook of apologizing or retracting their comments and never soften their message. The public measures public figures by their courage, not the veracity of their propositions because mobs are not rational and do not intelligently weigh the merits of any debate. It is only after the public decides who shows the most resolve and remains steadfast in a fight do they listen to a person and his or her arguments.

Conservatives, especially, have never figured this out which is why whenever any of them dares to attempt courage they are quickly crushed under the weight of their own insecurities and cowardice. They inevitably apologize and by doing so tell the world "I'm a liar. I'm a coward who will not stand for what I say. I'll leave and go back to my hole. Forget what I said. I won't bother you any more".

The left wins all debates because they never back down and never apologize. Thus, no matter how absurd and ridiculous their premises, and no matter how much evidence to the contrary there is on their ideology, they are winning. Their poll numbers may, on occasion, sink, but in the end they can count on their opponents to ultimately surrender, usually at the very point those opponents are in the lead and on their way to victory.

The solution is to ignore the left and the media and continue to reach out and offer alternatives that don't involve government dependence. The question that conservatives must pose over and over is how has the left's policies helped you in your daily life? We the people cannot give up and surrender to the left. The progressives are counting on us to do that.

The changes and solutions that are needed was evident in Bill Clinton's Welfare Reform legislation forced on him by a Republican majority, and which President Obama annihilated. Welfare should be a temporary safety net with an end date. Recipients must get a job after a specified period of time or their welfare payments will run out. Welfare reform was wildly successful with the majority of recipients getting employed.

Cultural changes are needed that involve responsible fathers who support their children and mothers who do not continue to have children out of wedlock. Responsible and successful leaders who drive home this message must be front and center from the President to the entertainment industry to religious figures to teachers.

Education. We must offer alternatives to college prep for those who do not want to attend college. Job training, apprenticeships, work study programs that used to be prevalent but were abandoned. Now we have college graduates who can't get a job, yet we still need car mechanics, carpenters, electricians, upholsterers, etc. that there should be training for in high school.

Dependence on the government will never help people out of poverty. We need to drive home the idea that having a job and supporting your own family leads to self-esteem and accomplishment.

The waste of human potential is greater now with the liberal attitude to poverty. It seems people like Obama have no concept of the value it gives a person when they step back and say 'I built that' or 'I did that'.

When you look back on a life well lived, it isn't money accumulation, though that can be a scorecard for some, but personal triumphs that make you feel worthwhile. Progressives have stripped that from generations of people.

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