The FBI: massacred by mid-and-upper management

Few trust the FBI any more.

With good reason considering recent revelations.

It used to be the premiere federal law enforcement agency. I worked for the FBI. They are a proud organization used to adhering to the triad of Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity.

They are no longer so.

Mid-to-upper level management -- particularly James Brien Comey -- ensured most of the trust the organization garnered in decades past has "left the building."

The 7th floor couldn't be more corrupt.

Oh wait, yes it could.

James Comey could walk back there for a visit.


It is now revealed: the FBI paid for the dossier. Cash. Your hard-earned American Taxpayer dollars. For oppo research. You know the rest.

From the

FBI hired dossier author Steele to investigate Trump, fired him for lying about media leaks

by Rowan Scarborough The FBI officially authorized payments to Christopher Steele, who wrote the infamous Trump-Russia dossier, but then fired the former British spy for lying to agents about his covert leaks to the news media.
That's a rather heady first paragraph. Direct linkage from the FBI to the dossier. In terms of cash money. Paid. For oppo research. And former FBI agent Josh Campbell expects us to cry buckets of tears because he feels offended that the FBI has somehow become diminished in the eyes of the American public. Suck it up, buttercup. Your "leadership" put you there. I drink your disingenuous tears. You can pull the Martyr Bayonet out of your chest now. It ain't playing and, worse, it's poor stage blood.
The sequence of events is outlined in the declassified memo released Friday by Rep. Devin Nunes, California Republican and chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The Nunes memo is the first official confirmation that the FBI hierarchy made a decision to start paying Mr. Steele and why the deal fell through. Justice Department witnesses in public have declined to confirm such a deal.
But wait. Hasn't it been the various guilty parties who've insisted our alphabet agencies are strictly secular and have no political inclinations whatsoever? Like, say, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, et al?


James Clapper unmasked members of Congress for Barack Hussein Obama.


Didn't James Clapper unmask Donald John Trump?


These cuts, of course, are conveniently forgotten and purposely avoided by the American Media Maggots because they doesn't "fit." You know why.
The memo shows that the bureau was using Mr. Steele’s unverified Democratic Party-financed dossier not only to obtain a court-ordered wiretap on Trump volunteer Carter Page, but it also wanted a commitment to a longer-term financial agreement with the former British intelligence officer to continue investigating President Trump. If he had not lied, Mr. Steele, who vowed to ruin the Trump candidacy, could have been investigating Mr. Trump from the postelection transition into his presidency.
Your FBI at work, continuing to cement the relationship between -- wait. What? Apparently Leftists fervently believe we have no memory or access to this kind of unusual thingie called the internet. Where moments in time can live in perpetuity. More damning yet is this:
Mr. Steele denied to the FBI that he was feeding his discredited information to the press. But on Oct. 30, 2016, an article in Mother Jones magazine quoted an unidentified former spy — who was obviously Mr. Steele — discussing his dossier and the FBI investigation. The narrative is laid out in the Nunes memo. It notes that at the time the FBI sought the Page warrant on Oct. 21 “the FBI had separately authorized payment to Steele” for the same information the bureau submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court for the warrant. Mr. Steele wrote his last election dossier memo on Oct. 19, apparently ending his $160,000 in payments from Fusion GPS, the investigative firm that had hired him to produce the dossier.
How wonderful for you. Paying taxpayer dollars for the device that a politicized FBI and DOJ via the NSA decided to weaponize against, first, an American citizen (in violation of section 702), a presidential candidate and then an actual sitting president because -- do we know precisely when the surveillance stopped? No. We do not. But this is also important:
The dossier was exclusively funded by Democrats beginning in June 2016 through Fusion GPS, according to court and congressional hearings. The Washington Free Beacon had paid Fusion for Trump opposition research but broke off that arrangement in April.
Your FBI.


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