Leftist Baltimore defunds safety, funds attorneys for illegals

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake provided permission for thugs to riot in April of 2015 in the Freddie Gray "demonstrations." There are areas of Baltimore still unrepaired from the 1968 riots. Why in 2015? Why in 1968? Because Leftists. BTW, with base price and upfitting, that's a $43,000 dollar police car destroyed.

Another in a continuing series of actions and inactions indicating that Leftists, Demorats and the abiding American Media Maggots are at best terribly biased and purposely ignorant to, at worst, absolutely insane.

First, from the BaltimoreSun.com:
Baltimore City Council passes $2.8 billion budget, cuts street light and trash can funding by Luke Broadwater he Baltimore City Council approved Mayor Catherine Pugh's $2.8 billion budget Monday after cutting funding for street lights and trash cans to allocate more money to schools. The vote ended a period of strife between the mayor's office and council leaders, who wanted the city to spend more money on schools and after-school programs. City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young credited Pugh for intervening in the negotiations and instructing her budget office to cut a deal with the council. "Who won on this?" he asked. "We all won."
"We all won," you say? The people who depend on city street lights in the dark of night who may not have the luxury of an automobile or cash for a bus or taxi didn't win when they have to find some milk or food in the middle of the night for their kids, their parents, their grandparents. And trash? Who cares. It can wait.


But here's the funny thing:
Baltimore City already spends $15,564 per pupil, the fourth highest per student out of the 100 largest school districts in the nation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That is why a new study showing that Maryland needs to spend $2.6 billion more per year in education each year is so troubling, as of March 1st of 2017.
Let us also not forget this, from FoxBaltimore.com:

Baltimore City Schools #1 in America for Admin Costs

by Chris Papst Baltimore City Public Schools is number one in the country. But not for what it may want. Project Baltimore analyzed recent federal government data and found Baltimore City spends $1,630 per student on administration costs, which amounts to the highest in America when comparing the nation’s 100 largest public school districts. Fox45 analyzed per student spending for the nation’s 100 largest school systems. We discovered Baltimore City spends the most money in America on administration. For every student enrolled in City Schools, $1,630 goes to administrators - like principals and high-level employees at North Avenue. This is money that does not go to the classroom. To put that into perspective, other major cities like New York ($615), Miami ($498) and Dallas ($614) spend about a third as much.
Oh, wait. Did I see Mayor Catherine Hugh cutting dollars for Baltimore school administrators? Looks like she could cut some fat there, yes? Uh, no. No cuts there. I can't, for the life of me, imagine why those cuts didn't occur. Right. On the other hand, there is this, again from the BaltimoreSun.com:
Baltimore approves spending of $200,000 to pay lawyers to help immigrants fight deportations by Ian Duncan As the Trump administration continues its battle against illegal immigration, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said Wednesday the city will pay a team of lawyers to represent immigrants facing deportation. The city’s spending panel on Wednesday approved spending $200,000 to pay for the attorneys, who the Democratic mayor said will get to work within weeks defending immigrants against federal deportation lawyers. Since Trump took office, tensions over immigration have mounted between his administration and left-leaning local governments.
One can only conclude that the City of Baltimore would rather sacrifice public safety on most every level for, well, political ends. 

One must have priorities, after all. Illegals over regular citizens.

Regular citizens, you see, are becoming less reliable by the day.


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