Sack Heads Radio Show, Wednesday, 3-14-18: the Triumvirate return

The Boys Are Back In Town, and the band is back together. After an assload of various mealy-mouthed excuses as to why one or the other couldn't be present, finally, the Triumvirate is back. And boy did they make Leftists look stupid.

Well, hell. That's their job. Look on page three, paragraph five.

Told you.

For the first time in over a month all three of the Sack Heads were back in studio for two hours of frivolity, sloth, largesse, raconteurishness, profligacy, reprobation, intemperance and mastication, all bundled up with a few immoderate euphonious wails.

And some funny glasses. Don't forget the funny glasses.

If you want to simply enjoy the show via the ossicles God gave you, listen here. Click on the yellow button.

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