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Since its inception, the SHR Media Network has been a unique entry into the media arena in Sacramento, California -- possibly the last place you'd expect to find anything Conservative in nature.

It was started about ten years ago by two guys who met in something of a random accident yet, upon a few conversations, discovered that they had a lot in common besides their jobs. They were Conservative. They believed in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They believed that rights were bestowed by God and not government. They agreed that the United States was a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy. They believed in checks and balances, the three branches of government operating in that fashion, and the rule of law.

So when they'd meet, they'd have discussions. Sometimes at high volume, sometimes not. These conversations turned into something like this: "Wouldn't it be a blast if we started recording our talks and maybe, just maybe, we could do a podcast."

And, oh yeah: have a ton of fun doing it. That was the point. Some irreverence, some non-politically-correct talk and an arseload of fun. They went from podcasting to broadcasting in a water closet to The Silo to a slightly larger room and thence to the current studio which is -- contrary to the thoughts of some -- not a basement or a back room in a forgotten trailer park but an actual studio with carpet and sound baffles and a bathroom and a closet and a refrigerator and an HVAC unit that, now, really works -- for which they pay actual rent.

The SHR Media Network was born and with it Sack Heads Radio. "Conservative Media Done Right." But why Sack Heads? Because, well, that's a story for another time. But it makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Sack Heads Shaun and Sack Heads Clint, after having hours and hours of on-air fun at the expense of others not quite so well equipped in terms of Brain Housing Group -- think Leftists -- then somehow came across an individual so weighty that he damn near required his own zip code: the Bloviating Zeppelin. After an apprenticeship that required heavy lifting and carrying all the Sack Heads radio equipment to Las Vegas, BZ became an official Sack Head himself.

The triumvirate on the last airing of the full Sack Heads Radio Show, April 4th of 2018.

And the rest is history. The network expanded to include any number of hosts and shows: men, women, different ethnicities, it didn't matter -- but with one common denominator: Conservative in nature. Informative. Dynamic. Engaging.

The technology expanded as well and provides a much better sound -- sound that SHR will put up against most any other radio show today, terrestrial or internet. You can clap a set of headphones over your ossicles and hear the crisp highs and the sweet bass coming from the SHR Media studio. SHR is running an Arrakis board and a new dedicated HP laptop as well as some of the finest microphones on the planet to include a Shure 55S Classic with red cloth, a Shure SM7B and a new (gently used) Electrovoice RE20 with a nice suspension system.

Translated: we value the quality of the sound. And one day we are actually going to conquer the damned phone system. We know we already have the content.

We have a great message. And we've got great messengers at the SHR Media Network. Some of the best in the business.

Fast forward to now.

Things are going to change again. We're not ready to reveal our cards just yet. But know that the SHR Media Network is on the cusp of some, well, transformations. Let's just leave it at that for right now.

I suppose the point is this. SHR is watching everyone else transform and revise. Why not us? We asked: why can't we get better? Why can't we expand? Why can't we go for bigger audiences? And the clear answer is: there's no reason we can't.

The only limitations are the ones we impose upon ourselves by complacency or indifference.

We've decided to discard complacency and indifference.

And no, we're not going to charge a subscription fee.

We just decided: it's time to ramp things up a bit.

Four immediate changes?

1. We're back on Facebook video.
2. We've added Periscope as a viewing experience.
3. We've added Google Play as another experience.
4. We're about to officially add iTunes to our repertoire.

As BZ is wont to say on his radio show:

"But wait; there's more."

Guess you'll just have to keep listening and watching to find out.

Best wishes,

The SHR Media Network:

- Sack Heads Shaun
- Sack Heads Clint
- Sack Heads BZ

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