Points at the Kavanaugh hearing: first day

First, the execrable chaos brought down upon the hearing by Leftists. This is insanity writ large.


Who is on Chairman Grassley's left? Correct. Senator Diane Feinstein. She is quiet. Does she let the young chicks soil the sheets or is she no longer interested in standing up for true Kabuki Theater? In any case, she is conspicuously silent. Crazy like a fox?

Following that pre-planned chaos, here is the most thoughtful and cogent introductory remarks that I have ever heard at a SCOTUS nomination hearing, provided by Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska with whom -- I must admit -- I sometimes vehemently disagree. Not now.


Senator Ted Cruz opined:


Then South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham weighed in:


After all this hooliganism, Brett Kavanaugh is finally allowed to speak.


And this was just the first day of the hearings.


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