Sack Heads: AGAINST TYRANNY, Wednesday, 9-18-19

It’s the SHAT Show — the Sack Heads: AGAINST TYRANNY and, as one would expect, CLINT and BZ tore through the gristle of today’s screaming headlines and ripped out the sinewy Tendons of Truth ensconced within, all from the Hoary Streets of Shatramento, Fornicalia, exposing the trembling toadies, sniveling jackanapes and fripperous fopdoodles infesting Leftist and Progressive Brain Housing Groups and safety pin factories nationally. Featuring the effervescent contrarian Sack Heads CLINT — plus the unrestrained bulbosity of the ZEPPMEISTER— doubling your late night Conservative talk show pleasure with double the hosts.

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Tonight CLINT and BZ talked about a veritable gaggle — no, a shrewdness, a murmuration, an obstinancy, a warren, a pandemonium, a gaggle, a muster, a covey, an unkindness, a maelstrom, a knot, a shiver, an intrusion, a smack, a hive, a prickle, a cauldron of topics partially (but by no means fully or robustly) to include some but not all of the following topics: Leftists are insane.

"The password tonight is: Frunobulax."

Tonight the Duodenal Duo discovered that Clint promised $10,000 to anyone who could remember the password announced at the beginning of the show. He also told us that a group of giraffes is called a TOWER, a group of owls is called a PARLIAMENT, a group of eagles is called a CONVOCATION. A group of butterflies is called a -- wait for it -- kaleidoscope. Doesn't that furnish a beautiful mental image?

BZ also provided tonight's Alligator Science Tip, as illustrated below.

Thanks to all the people who were present in the SHAT Room tonight!

Clint's Story included somebody from the Bay Area who spoke like a Conservative but identified as a Leftist. We also discussed federal authority vs state authority under the 10th Amendment.

And so much more. Listen to the show!

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