Friday, September 4, 2020

BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon Radio Show, Tuesday, 9-3-20, with author TERRENCE McCAULEY, then SACK HEADS SHAUN and JACK ALEXANDER in the Second Hour

Hour 1: BZ spoke once more to suspense/Western author TERRENCE McCAULEY who, this time around has TWO new books to talk about, THE KELLY TRAIL and GET OUT OF TOWN. We discussed McCAULEY's writing schedule, 2020, escapism, a smattering of politics and the world of publishing.

Hour 2: BZ continued speaking to TERRENCE McCAULEY about his books, and a wonderful interview it was. Check out his thriller books here, and his Western books here

In times like these where some honest escapism is required, there's nothing like reading a good book, and I recommend every one of McCauley's books! I have them all, I've read them all. 

Continuing in the second hour, BZ along with Sack Heads SHAUN asked JACK ALEXANDER to explain the story below, where it appears that Australia is in the grip of a tyranny it's never yet experienced, at least in the state of Victoria.
Coronavirus: Pregnant Victorian woman filmed arrest by Natalie Brown and Natalie Wolfe, 9-3-20 Victorian police have doubled down on their decision to detain a pregnant anti-lockdown protester, whose arrest sparked global headlines.

A pregnant anti-lockdown protester, who live-streamed her arrest on social media, has broken her silence about the clip that seems to have divided the internet.

Zoe Buhler, 28, was yesterday charged with inciting a protest against COVID-19 restrictions in Ballarat’s CBD. The video on her Facebook page had already been viewed more than 1.4 million times in the space of four hours by Wednesday night, climbing to 4.6 million views early this morning.

Sack Heads SHAUN stepped into the Saloon during the second hour, and we all talked about the violent riots, the effect on law enforcement and massive Leftist and Demorat hypocrisy. We also met and spoke to a new Australian resident who called the show, known as Dingo Dundi, who echoed was Jack was saying in terms of the miserable shape of freedom in Australia. 

If you want to hear the show on Spreaker, audio only, click on the yellow button below. 

Here is the show on YouTube; click the red arrow to play.


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