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From a California nurse regarding Covid-19

Note: this was taken from a local social media group involving a nurse from my general area. Those who will take me to task -- and they're going to be Leftists -- have done their level best to ensure that information is not disseminated for some time, concentrated primarily this past year (the worst yet) and, oddly enough, when President Trump came to office. That tells me just about all I need to know. 

For those who say that I am creating "damage" by disseminating such information, I should point you to the basics of medicine. I first think of the word "practice," as in "medical practice" or "practicing physicians." 

When one doubts a medical opinion (in direct reference, for the ignorant amongst you, to the word "practice"), doctors, professionals and patients frequently seek a "second opinion." 

That's because there is no "one way" to handle medicine, just as there is no "one way" to apply science, particularly regarding "global warming" and the almost meaningless phrase now, of "climate change." 

Also, because of my nature, when an individual, group, organization, political party, class or government sets limitations on information and proscribes what can and cannot be said, read, spoken or watched -- well, that simply makes me want to double down on my beloved First Amendment. 

There are some truths immured in blood and chaos and one of them is this (simply witness 2020): "in an election year, everything is about the election." Tucker Carlson can give me a quarter for stealing my phrase, which I have used for decades. 

Wuhan-19 is no exception. 

When people tell you "it's not about the money," guess what? It's about the money. And it's about power and control. Check your local and state governments for those abuses. Oh. Did I mention power? The power to lock a state down, lie to our faces and tell us it's raining expertise?


The excerpt for your perusal.
I’ve been working as a clinical nurse provider in pediatrics, oncology, long-term care and preventative medicine for 43 years, the past 30 years in El Dorado county and Sacramento. It’s a very tough time working in healthcare this year, but in ways you might not realize. 
Doctors and nurses in the four local hospitals I work with are pressured to maintain a pretense that a corona virus named Covid is “virulent." 
We are expected to maintain an attitude of “better safe than sorry” to our patients, as if this is a potentially deadly contagion. We are expected to pretend we don’t know hospitals (ours included) are “getting paid” ($19K-$39K) for every autopsy that states a patient died “from Covid” - when we know they didn’t die of it. 
Media has gotten away with blatant slander, and we are being silenced from responding. 
The chaos in ER is increasing with people coming in with random symptoms - in fear that a virus could kill them or be contagious. The reality is that asymptomatic patients (without symptoms of influenza) are sent home with a “Covid packet”, they can test if they want. 
Patients with respiratory or cardiac features are held at the ER doctors’ discretion to admit or discharge for testing protocol. 
We all know by now that the tests give only a false-positive. 
The average DAILY death rate in the US is 8,500 to 9,000. This year is no different in our hospitals. We are not inundated or needing to make “Covid wards." 
Despite the sensationalized numbers on TV, people are not dying of any influenza. Though some can die “with” an influenza. But all patients die from three core causes:
  • Malnutrition/starvation/dehydration,
  • Medical mistakes, and
  • Toxemia.
Healthy people do not get influenza; and unhealthy people do not die from influenza. 
There is no difference between SARS caused by corona viruses from SARS caused by any other viruses. And no one in history has died “from” a Corona virus. 
There is a lot of debate about the the IFR of the SARS-CoV-2, but the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine states the rate is 0.5%. That means 99.5% of SARS-Cov-2 infected people will survive. 
It takes 4 to 7 years in a laboratory to create a viable PCR test, one that has been isolated, purified, and passed all 4 of Koch’s Postulates requirements - the 4 steps required to establish that a microorganism is the cause of a disease: 
(1) it must be found in all cases of the disease; 
(2) it must be isolated from the host and grown in pure culture; 
(3) it must reproduce the original disease when introduced into a susceptible host; 
(4) it must be found present in the experimental host so infected. 
Covid has failed all tests because a corona virus is not a contagion - not ever in history, and not in 2020. 
The biggest travesty in history is that we are forced to use an invalid test as a diagnostic TOOL to DIAGNOSE Covid as a DISEASE. 
The resultant false-positives from the test are being used as the fuel to justify the mindset of fear for creating the social control lockdown restrictions of masks, distancing and solitary confinement. 
Unfortunately these measures have contributed to stress related illnesses and are contraindicated in typical medical treatment plans used for the past 700 years. 
“Flu Season” is a term coined by the medical practice to describe symptoms of bodily detox during holiday winter months. 
There are environmental and behavioral factors that directly impact declining health during these times such as: prolonged indoor habitation, lack of sunshine, lack of exercise, consuming more toxins than usual (alcohol, processed meats, boxed foods, dairy, fast foods, flour, sugar/high fructose etc.) exacerbated by daily use of chemicals in the form of prescription drugs, and radiation. 
An overload of toxins contributes to disease susceptibility. 
The “cure” is to minimize exposure to toxins, by eating organic food, daily exercise, drinking structured water, adding minerals and practicing herd immunity. 
It is safer to get the flu naturally from another human than to inject man-made chemicals which carry a high risk of permanent side effects. 
l personally would not get the Covid vaccine, nor recommend it to my patients. 
First of all, there is no established credibility: It takes 10-14 years (in double-blind lab studies) to create a viable vaccine. The Covid vaccine was made in 7 months. 
Secondly, the Covid vaccine contains mRNA and non-human genetic materials -- ingredients never injected into humans before due to issues of “permanence." There are no studies of the permanent side-effects from combining non-human DNA with pharmaceutical Rx chemicals. 
Thirdly, since vaccine manufacturers are “exempt from liability" they have no reason for caution from using the most neurotoxic ingredients on earth. 
High risk patients with pre-existing disease, immune compromise, those taking prescribed chemical Rx, the elderly, and those experiencing systemic allergies are cautioned to avoid the Covid vaccine.
We're all adults on this bus. With the exception that government is incapable of doing nothing but treating you like a child and a mushroom, all at once.

And if you doubt the monetary aspect involved, I should refer you to this video once more.


What we've discovered is that there is, literally, a world of difference between the words "with" and "of."


"Of" makes money and statistics. "With" means nothing. Leftists and authoritarians need you in this mode. Because the more you panic, the easier you are to control. 

Never forget that. 



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