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(L to R, BZ, Clint and Shaun.)
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there were two friends. They didn’t grow up together. They didn’t play hockey or conduct waterboardings together. They hadn’t discovered themselves in a dark, seedy bar with a one-legged owner named “Monopod” in downtown Murmansk. (Do you know how long it takes the Pepsi distributor to change out the tanks absent adequate bribes in Murmansk?)
So they thought: why can’t we translate our musings to an occasional social media burst? Maybe even a podcast? Upon such things is brilliance born. The Sack Heads Radio Show was created on the foundation of the good and political thoughts of Sack Heads SHAUN and Sack Heads CLINT. Because of their jobs they can’t reveal their full names. They are in industries that KILL freedom of speech though, “officially,” they don’t. Sack. Heads.
Two guys with a great idea: sit around and talk politics and Life. Why not do it on the air? As the Sack Heads said, in order to “give voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless and clues to the clueless.”
A once a month show became a once a week show which became the official Sack Heads Radio Show.
Then they asked: “Hey, if we’re Conservatives, maybe there are others who would like to have an audio soapbox?” They both decided to create the SHR Media Network, with Conservatives of all stripes and paint jobs welcomed with open arms.
And into this cacophonous maelstrom stepped an ancient, obese and fuzzy interloper, Sack Heads BZ. He was beaten like a bad bass drum for a year as the SHR rookie and then allowed to broadcast in the SHR Media Studios. He too had a like background of service but brought stunning geriatricity, along with a major infusion of, literally, thousands of dollars in order to upgrade equipment and software via an appreciation of sound he’d acquired from having worked in terrestrial radio in the 1970s, to include KFBK. SHR leaped into the 21st century.
Fast forward to today. The SHR Media Network occupies an actual rented studio with a bathroom, a kitchen and ancillary rooms. Our equipment includes an elder RCA 44-BX that still works (a gift from certain KFBK personnel when BZ left), a Shure 55S, another Shure SM7B and an Electrovoice RE20. We run our inputs through an Arrakis ARC Talk Blue board and then through a wild custom-built computer running Windows 10 and an EVGA GeForce RTX2070 video card. And yes, we have a studio Calico cat named Demi. Not to mention Clyde, the berserk bobcat himself.

We'll put our studio sound up against anyone on the internet. Try this experiment: clap on your headphones for any SHAT Show or Berserk Bobcat Saloon Radio Show. You'll hear clear and crisp high frequencies as well as great midrange and bass. That's been our studio goal since 2016. We are proud that our sound is emimently and easily listenable.
All of that is utilized in the promotion of such stellar radio hosts as Melanie Collette, Shannon and Michael Wright, Jeff Dunetz, Joe Antrobus, Lonnie Poindexter, Dave Milner, Ron Edwards, Ralph Chittams, the Sack Heads and BZ. And more.
Just to name a few.
“Conservative Media Done Right.” It’s not just a phrase. It’s a dedication.
Ours is the United States of America. It’s “a Republic, if we can keep it.” Our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers died to support the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and this grand experiment we call the United States of America. We’re not relinquishing those God-given rights to anyone for any reason.
Be forewarned.
Sack Heads Shaun
Sack Heads Clint
Sack Heads BZ

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