President Trump: United States will withdraw from Paris climate change agreement

The progressives are not going to let this go without a major fight. When you take away U.S. support and money, the man made climate scam is exposed for what it really is, a massive wealth redistribution scheme.

President Donald Trump says the U.S. with withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement.

The human fallibility of science is amply and tragically demonstrated through the centuries, including our current one. Our long recognized desire for data to fit preconceptions has generated research constructs that attempt to compensate for our biases - our desires. Thus, for example, medical research uses placebo controls and double blinding.

When the desires of human scientists are laced powerfully with wealth, power and prestige, disgrace can result, as a recent slew of retracted medical research publications can attest. Money, power and prestige. Any scientist, or body of scientists can succumb.

Thus my strong reservations about the extraordinarily politicized, monied and public assertions of impending Anthropogenic Global Warming cataclysm. Frenzied absurdity is epitomized by solemn Nobel acclaim for Al Gore? Can anybody else see the emperor's new clothes?

What's important for science here is that research and debate continue, for from this eventually will emerge incontrovertible truth. The pseudo-scientific, politicized steamrolling of dissent seen thus far has been disgraceful.

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