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60-year-old Houston Police Sergeant Steve Perez, drowned in his car whilst attempting to find a path to get to work during Hurricane Harvey. He had driven for over two hours in order to find a way to get to his point of assignment in the very early morning hours. His wife asked him to stay home but, instead, Perez insisted that he was going to help in Houston's time of need. He had worked in law enforcement for 34 years. God bless this true and valiant veteran Sheepdog.

We all know that Hurricane Harvey has devastated coastal portions of Texas, centering around Houston. Houston PD and its officers have been equally devastated. The Houston Police Officers Union under President Ray Hunt, has asked for assistance from other brother and sister officers. First, the letter from President Hunt:

To Our Brother & Sister Officers: 

As you know, the City of Houston is in the midst of a catastrophe like we have never seen before. The scope of the damage will not be known for weeks, maybe longer. We have already lost so much, including Sgt. Steve Perez, a 34-year veteran of the Houston PD, who drowned in his car trying to get to work at 4 am in the morning on Sunday, August 27th. 

So many of you have reached out to ask how you can help and we are very grateful. Right now, sending money to assist those officers who lost their homes and/or vehicles is most helpful for us. 
We ask that you send donations to “Assist the Officer, Inc.,” a 501(C)3 charity established 30 years ago in Houston to provide aid to law enforcement people during these kinds of disasters There is a link on the site for Harvey Relief. 

I can assure you that 100% of whatever you send will go directly to Houston-area law enforcement people who have suffered severe losses from the floods. Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with a complete report on donations and expenditures if you need it. 
We will keep you updated on the situation as it progresses and please accept our heartfelt thanks for whatever you can do to help us. 

If you have suffered a loss in this terrible incident, please just send your prayers. 

Make your check out to: Assist the Officer, Inc. and indicate on the check that the donation is for Hurricane Harvey Relief for Law Enforcement. 

Mail your check to: Houston Police Officers’ Union 1600 State Street Houston, TX 77007 

Thank you and God bless. 

Ray Hunt, President Houston Police Officers’ Union

In case there was doubt, I searched in order to verify these sites, the names, addresses and the request. They are valid.

I ask my law enforcement and emergency responder readers -- and anyone else who wishes -- please do what you can for officers in the Houston area. Just like anyone else they too lost homes and property but came to work, knowing what they had to do.

From Breitbart,com:

EXCLUSIVE: Despite Losing Homes, Houston Cops Put Duty First, Says Chief Acevedo

by Bob Price

HOUSTON, Texas — Despite the loss or damage of their own homes, the men and women of the Houston Police Department put their duty first and stayed on the job to rescue those in danger, keep the peace, and save lives — even as they lost one of their own.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo came face to face with what may become the worst natural disaster to hit a major city in U.S. history. Despite his only being on the job as police chief for nine months, the men and women who work for him have done an amazing job of serving the community in rapidly changing circumstances, weather conditions, and an overwhelming number of service requests. “The collective heart of the Houston Police Department (HPD), the Houston Fire Department, all of our municipal co-workers, (and) just the entire first-responder community in this city is second to none, and I am very proud of that,” the chief said. Despite more than 200 officers having their own homes damaged or destroyed “They’re putting their duty first.” The chief praised not only the commissioned officers who wear the dark blue uniform but the entire support staff and dispatchers.

Remember: Click on Assist The Officer, Inc, or make contact at the above address. Each and every dollar will go directly to those in need.

A brief question which you will immediately determine to be only rhetorical in nature due to its content: I wonder just how many Antifa members came to assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey? One? Twenty? Two hundred? As neatly organized to assist in time of need as they are organized and prepared to riot for anarchy?

You know the answer.


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