Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sack Heads Radio Show, 12-27-17: an important and imperative 2017 wrap-up

As the sun sets in the west, it is momentarily sad to realize that another year is coming to an end, and what a nervous, psychotic year it's been. As the Chinese say, "may you live in interesting times," another way of saying "you're gonna get yours."

2017 was a year of haunting skulduggery, conspiracy, collusion, betrayal, backstabbing, and I haven't even gotten to anything not involving the Demorats yet.

Seriously, 2017 was an expansion year for the SHR Media Network and owners Shaun and Clint. Shows were added and expanded, rosters changed, hours increased and quality greatly enhanced.

In the SHR Media Network studio in Sacramento, Fornicalia -- only two miles from Leftist Central on the Left Coast, the Bill Mill at the state capital -- many physical improvements were made. The old Behringer Xenyx board -- imposing to look at and complicated to run and actually made to mix music, not broadcasts -- was replaced by a simpler, more elegant, more efficient and vastly more job-applicable Arrakis ARC Talk Blue board.

We also upgraded our old laptop with a brand new HP solid state unit which we now task with running the entire show as well as streaming on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously, likewise Spreaker. We pitched a few mics in favor of the new Shure SM7B and the classic Shure 55S in red cloth (appropriate, eh wot?).

It's no surprise our sound managed to get a whole lot better in 2017. We also added professional stingers, voiceovers and promo packs to the entire network itself and disseminated them to our SHR Media Network team. We also expanded our chat room to accommodate up to 100 users.

The goal is to keep this trend moving forward for 2018, continuing to improve our sound, our content, our shows, expanding our lineup and supporting the people who make up the SHR Media Network Universe, to include:

  • The Sack Heads Radio Show;
  • Money Talk with Melanie Collette;
  • The Jeff Dunetz Show;
  • The Right Guy with Ralph J. Chittams, Sr;
  • Jersey Joe, the Reaver of Common Sense;
  • The Wright Way with Shannon and Mike;
  • Southern Sense Talk Radio;
  • BZ's Berserk Bobcat Saloon Radio Show;
  • The Unpleasant Blind Guy, Dave Milner;
  • Coming in 2018: Samantha Correia;

We remind one and all that you can still listen to all of these shows for FREE. There is no monetary block, there is no advertising block, there is no obstacle between ourselves and content creators and those of you looking for great material. You don't need a password to see the shows or listen to the shows. You will require a log-in to Chatroll but that is applicable across the board.

We don't charge. We just provide what clear-thinking, logical, settled, calm Americans seek in terms of radio content. Different voices. Different views. With common Conservative goals. There can be many roads to a final destination.

Tonight the Sack Heads talked about:

  • Christmas, family, the last show of the year;
  • Clint provided Shaun and BZ with orange slices and circus peanuts: nummalicious;
  • Mother's Animal cookies, Oreos, Hydrox; we threw food at each other;
  • Shaun's parents would send him to O'Neil's Pharmacy to buy them cigarettes;
  • BZ remembers when Howe Avenue dead ended at Fair Oaks Boulevard and beyond that were acres and acres of hop fields for brewing beer;
  • BZ greeted the Donner Party after they crested the Rockies; Bill Donner cooked great ribs;
  • Harry the Milk Man provided most anything; does Shaun resemble Harry?
  • A Surprise Clint Story: Gary Byrne documents Bill Clinton would sneak out of the White House under a raincoat in order to score with chicks under the nose of Hillary;
  • Bill Clinton and the Bushes: they were close; HW and Bill were bonded;
  • Don Lemon: the phrase Merry Christmas is a "dog whistle" to the base. AYFKM?
  • Newsweek: "How Trump and the Nazis Stole Christmas to promote White Nationalism"; AYFKM?
  • If you don't observe Christmas, get your ass back to work; you don't deserve a day off;
  • Jim Nabors passed away this year: he was a ridiculously-talented man;
  • Hogan's Heroes are available for viewing; Werner Klemperer escaped Nazi Germany as a Jew;
  • We saluted our actors and athletes for serving in WWII;
  • BZ's Dad knocked back drinks with Jimmy Stewart at Mather AFB;
  • Leftist lobsters and conservative lobsters and non-violent California lobsters;
  • OMG, there was so much more; how much more? You'll just have to LISTEN and WATCH.

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Have a very Happy New Year one and all, and we'll see you next Wednesday on January 3rd.

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