The Sack Heads Radio Show, Wednesday, 2-14-2018

Happy Valentine's Day, one and all!

As BZ said on the show, this is his anniversary as well -- he was smart enough to get married on a day he was certain to remember.

YouTube has fallen out of love with the SHR Media Network and is refusing to play nice with the owners, Shaun and Clint. Facebook failed BZ on Tuesday night but worked like a charm on
Wednesday night for Sack Heads. SHR and technology: eh.  .  .

Sack Heads Clint was not present and, though we said we'd attempt to create some form of specious and irresponsible reason for his being gone, we lacked the followup to do so. However, Shaun did sufficiently mock Clint with a photo that those who watched the show live on Facebook enjoyed.

To the right, that may or may not be an accurate representation of the photograph alleged to have been displayed on the Valentine's Day show.

Sack Heads Shaun and Sack Heads BZ with the inimitable Larry Elder at the 2017 Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. Who is conspicuously absent and for what reason? Clint? Hello?

The Sack Heads, minus Clint, talked about the Parkland, Florida shooting and how the anti-gun memes are on but yet Demorats continue to fail to address the elephant in the room: mental health. In this shooting as well as too many others persons were heard to say "yeah, we knew he'd cork off like this." Then did nothing about it. Because of cowardice or the current trend of "killing the messenger" by those Leftists, Demorats and American Media Maggots of the PC stripe.

You see, people have to die due to political correctness. Because not to do so would be -- well -- impolitically correct.

Sack Heads Shaun and Sack Heads BZ also spoke about YouTube, Facebook, who loves us and who doesn't. Shaun revealed that, ahem, he doesn't care to be awakened at the stroke of midnight for techno questions from BZ.

Then, just when you thought it couldn't get more "stream of consciousness," it got more stream-of-consciousness when Shaun and BZ talked about dreams, the meaning of dreams, recurring dreams, death in dreams and types of dreams. Is this really the Sack Heads? Or is it Coast To Coast with George Noory?

BZ described his dreams and his numerous critical incidents whilst a law enforcement officer. The fat trigger. The slow trigger. The bullets coming out in slow motion. And the mode in which the Brain Theater tends to replay

BZ told the story about Walt Horne from the Sacramento Sheriff's Department and his seat belt issue. BZ also told the story about Jarrett Beck and his amazing history.

There were other stories as well.

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