Protesters & GenZ: check your privilege

I happened to come across this article from the Sacramento Bee ( which sought to really "put me in my place." Me -- ahem -- meaning Caucasoids. Because, after all, its author has so much experience in life and thusly I needed to pay attention. Right?
Mad about Stephon Clark protesters shutting down the Kings and I-5? Check your privilege by Erika D. Smith (Associate Editor and Editorial Writer)
Dear well-meaning progressives of Sacramento:
So I hear you’re a little upset about the way, on Thursday, some people — OK, people with Black Lives Matter — were peacefully protesting the police shooting of Stephon Clark.
I know, I know. You’re as troubled as any other "woke" progressive about his death on Sunday night. The 22-year-old father of two shouldn’t have died the way he did, standing in his grandmother’s backyard in Meadowview after being chased down by two cops and a helicopter.
Progressives? You think she's really aiming at "progressives"? Mexican progressives? Asian progressives? Black progressives? Lesbian progressives? Crazed Albanian dwarf progressives? Uh, no. Caucasoid progressives. GOWPs. Guilty Overeducated White People.
You think it’s unacceptable that the officers didn’t identify themselves before shouting “gun” and sending 20 bullets flying through the dark toward his body. And you’re suspicious about why, after the shooting, cops at the scene turned off the microphones on their body cameras and had a conversation amongst themselves for a couple of minutes.
Erika, I would love to see you in a uniform. What? Not interested? I'd love to hear you monitored for every minute of your work shift. On cam. With audio. What? Not interested?
But the Sacramento Kings game? Did protesters really have to block Golden 1 Center in Clark’s name? Basketball fans drove all the way downtown and parked in a garage only to find out that they couldn’t get inside on Thursday night. Protesters had the place surrounded and then the team locked the doors.
"Tonight's game began with a delay," the Kings said in a statement. "Due to law enforcement being unable to ensure ticketed fans could safely enter the arena, the arena remains closed and we ask fans outside to travel home."
Yeppers, that's what happened.
And Interstate 5? Was it really necessary to march down I Street and onto the highway ramp during rush hour? RUSH HOUR?! People have to get home to their families in the suburbs. Parents have to make dinner. Kids have homework to do and bedtimes to make.
Because in your world it's unimportant that interstate transport systems remain open. You know. The systems that me and you and everyone else pay for. Fuck us for wanting to use something for which we paid hard-earned taxpayer dollars. How many accidents were caused by the blockage? How many individuals or families were affected in those accidents?

Your protest takes priority after all, right?

Heaven forbid the drug dealers and rapists and cartels and slave traders have their shit delayed across the most important north/south route in California. That is just plain rude for them to object as well.

And screw the people who have families. People to whom they are responsible. Children who have needs and requirements. Parents who may be responding to help their kids. Nuclear families are the worst.

Caucasoid families are worse yet. They should sacrifice the most.

But what about relieving the babysitters from single mothers? Who might be on a critical timetable to take their kids to a doctor? Make sure they have their meds in a timely fashion?

What about stopping emergency responders from, well, reacting to calls for service? Fuck it. Fuck them. The needs of the protesters are primary, aren't they? Everyone else can go to hell.

We can see and hear the dripping disdain and incredibly haughty arrogance in your words:
People have to get home to their families in the suburbs. Parents have to make dinner. Kids have homework to do and bedtimes to make.
Like what? Like poor or challenged single mothers don't have families in the suburbs? Like she doesn't have to make dinner? Like you're not costing her another critical hour or two on a paycheck? Like you didn't make her late for work and perhaps even cost a job? Like her kids aren't worthy of either homework or bedtimes?

Like she was sufficiently stupid to have kids in the first place instead of placing her trust in hot-and-cold-running-abortions from "Planned AbortionHood"?
What's next? Riots? (Like you, I agree that violence is never OK.) And why do we need Al Sharpton?
I get it. I do.
Sure. Because violence never gets attached to these incidents.
As one man told The Bee as he walked away from Golden 1 Center on Thursday night, his wife and four children in tow: "I'm very disappointed. I mean, I feel their pain, but why do we have to suffer as well? We paid a lot of money for these tickets."
And therein lies the rub. You think this guy was black? Wrong-O bucko. He was Caucasoid. And they must pay. They must pay the most. THEY. MUST. ATONE.

So who pays for the Kings? The City of Sacramento? You think the ACLU pays for the exclusive Kings suites? Hardly. The local taxpayers. Ticket purchasers. 

You think that family has a box or a suite at the game? Don't make me larf. I'd wager both mother and father work very hard to save their cash and enjoy one night of entertainment. Further: you possess no idea what they themselves have gone through in order to get to that point in their lives. Because, after all, let's be frank, you couldn't care less.
First of all, let's get one thing straight: Being inconvenienced for one day or even two is not “suffering,” a word I’ve heard far too many times since Thursday. “Suffering” is what Clark’s family is doing right now. "Suffering" is what young black men do all over this country, living with the fear of their lives being taken by gun violence.
Really? "Suffering" is what the real families of soldiers have to do when their loved ones don't come back. "Suffering" is what the families of soldiers have to do when their loved ones come back but their minds do not. "Suffering" is what those soldiers must do when they have to grapple with whatever conflicts exist within their experiences having served their country.

But even more pointedly: "suffering" is what altogether too many young black males must do when they make stupid choices. Their families and friends included. 

And "living with the fear of their lives being taken by gun violence"? Hello? Blacks killing blacks violently in large urban cities run by Demorats is so common it's even a bad cliche.
"The big question is whether that is evidence that the police are discriminating against African Americans. There's an obvious argument that it is: African Americans are just 13% of the US population, and yet 26% of the people killed by the police. But there's another way to look at these numbers. Nearly 50% of convicted murderers in the US are African Americans. Why that number is so high is a difficult question to answer. So is the question why African Americans are also far more likely than whites to be murder victims. The point is that if African Americans are more likely to be involved in violent crime - both as perpetrators and victims - then the higher rate of police shootings may not be surprising."
Someone might be well served to read this.

Why stop there? Where are the riots, truly, representing black-on-black crime? The demands for young black males to refrain from killing each other and surrounding innocent bystanders? Where are the demands for gang members to back off? To surrender their firearms? To come to peaceful terms?

Where are the public closures and freeway blockades for Caucasoids killed by black cops in America? Hell, Caucasoids killed by any cops? What about Asians killed by cops? What about Mexicans killed by cops? Tongans killed by cops? Lesbians killed by cops? Aren't they deserving of some get-back as well?

In 2015, of persons killed by police, 732 were white, and 381 were black (and 382 were of another or unknown race). Roughly twice the number of whites were killed. Where were the blockades and closures and riots for the Caucasoids? 

Right. Unimportant.

So because a family suffers, that provides a right for the family and its supporters to close a freeway? To blockade a public venue? Oh wait; it's a family that you are interested in so that makes you and that family and those supporters more important than anyone and everyone else. I get it. The clouds are parting. 

It's beginning to sound to me like "Identity Politics Uber Alles." 

Nice ring.

You have privilege, author Erika.

Maybe you and others had best check it.

Gosh. What other privileges might you have? 

Oh, right. The Sacramento Police Department and the CHP taking essentially a hands-off attitude to your little shenanigans on March 22nd

I'm sure they'd have done the same thing for an "All Lives Matter" event of identical circumstances. Uh, no. 

I'm sure they'd have done the same thing for a "Caucasoid Lives Matter" event of identical circumstances. Not even close.

You write further and people can read the rest of your article. My analysis is mostly finished. Unlike the investigation into Stephon Clark's death.

But hey, facts don't yet matter. And facts are what have not been completely collected in the investigation.

Before we go, let's talk about you for a moment, Erika. You aren't even from around here. You haven't lived your life here. You weren't born here. You haven't paid a price to live here. Your perspective is short and shallow. You just decided to drop in one day. Your bio says so.
Erika D. Smith joined The Sacramento Bee in May 2015 after spending most of her career in the nebulous Midwest.
Because, after all, the Midwest is just like any other place.
She previously worked for The Indianapolis Star in Indiana, where, as metro columnist, she covered issues related to neighborhoods, community development, public safety and diversity. She also worked for five years at the Akron Beacon Journal in Ohio. She is a native of Cleveland.
Erika is clearly mad invested in Sacramento. Per Twitter she is a "Cleveland native" and an "urban dweller."

Let me guess: the Sacramento Bee paid more than your past job. Because Sacramento isn't all that urban. But Sacramento is a larger Leftist audience than Akron or Indianapolis. It's the capital of the entire state of California. You've reached Leftist Big Time. There's your investment.

Personal career enhancement. And hey, Sacramento isn't far from San Francisco. What a stepping stone that would make, eh wot? 

You know, after a while Erika, you have to ask: with such a target-rich environment in California and throughout the US, why are blacks so terribly "targeted"?

I mean, after all, you have Jews. You have Muslims. Damn. They both can appear Caucasoid. Well wait. What about Mexicans? What about Asians? What about Cubans? What about Puerto Ricans? What about Nicaraguans? What about Estonians? Oops, sorry, I let some Caucasoids slip in again. My mitsake.

One thought: because blacks commit, per capita, more crime than other melanin counts.
“According to the Justice Department, blacks die of homicide at six times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined. That’s because blacks commit homicide at eight times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined … In the 75 largest counties of the United States, which is where most of the population resides, blacks commit over 50 percent of all violent crime, though they’re 15 percent of the population in those counties,” she said. “These crime disparities are repeated in every big American city. Here in New York, blacks commit 75 percent of all shootings, though they’re 23 percent of the population. How do we know that? That’s what the victims of and witnesses to those shootings, who are overwhelmingly minority themselves, tell the police.”
You want to know who has the "privilege"? You have the privilege.

You're at least a Two-Fer in California. Black. Female.

You could be a Three-Fer if you're a lesbian.

You could be a Four-Fer if you're a black male who transitioned to a female and then decided to become a Fluid. With a biker wallet. And a flannel shirt. Piercings and tattoos. Don't forget piercings and tattoos. Very important. They'll look great when you're 80.

Your photos are rather small so I can't say for certain and I'm quite willing to admit that. Hey, who am I to judge?

When your life revolves solely around identity politics and your rose-colored glasses funnel down to only two elements, race and gender, then that's what you see. Your reach can never exceed your grasp.

But here's the deal. Erika, I'll pay attention to you when you suit up and enter a squad car to answer police calls for service.

When you're a Sheepdog and not a Sheep like your current self.

Erika, I'll pay attention to you when you suit up and serve your nation in the military. When you're a Sheepdog and not a Sheep like your current self.

Erika, I'll pay attention to you when you actually have some life experiences to offer which involve immediate life and death critical decisions that have to be made in, well, just a few seconds.

The likes of which people and courts have -- literally -- years to examine in retrospect at their leisure.
Check my privilege?

You'd better check yours.

Until that time? Not so much.

I'm not impressed.

I've said it for years and it's still true:

"No one is equal until everyone is equal."



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