Wednesday, April 4, 2018

BDR529, the Radio Show, Saturday, 3-31-2018

BDR529, the radio show where the stories aren't real and the points don't matter.  This is an exhibition and not a competition; please, no wagering. Member FDIC, batteries not included, no leak to basement, marcas registradas, removal of label is punishable by law, and some contents may have settled during shipping.

Tonight: the introduction of the show by the inimitable BZ who is frequently imitated but never duplicated. Tangy, but never incendiary. After all: what's in the bag, Goose?


Listen to the show in Spreaker:

Listen to "BDR529, the Radop Show" on Spreaker.

(Truth in advertising: there truly isn't all that much radop in the show. Only the minimum amount of radop as prescribed by law. If an erection occurs for more than four hours, please consult your physician before application.)

Watch the show on YouTube:


Click here to watch the show on Facebook.

Whither the show BDR529? No one knows. And into what will it transmogrify?

No one knows that either.


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