Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hero Nun Of WWII Dies At Age 103

From the Daily Caller:

The “Angel of Dieppe,” a nun whose efforts in caring for wounded soldiers in World War II became legend, died Friday at age 103.

Sister Agnès-Marie Valois of Canada earned her legendary status as the Angel of Dieppe during the Battle of Dieppe on August 19, 1942. On that day, more than 3,000 of the approximately 6,100 troops, who tried to storm the French town of Dieppe, were killed or captured. Sister Agnès tended to the wounded on the beach and later at the Hôtel-Dieu. The courage with which she braved the battlefield to care for the wounded inspired several military legends, according to BBC.

A dying soldier asked Valois to kiss him like his mother would, she recounted in a 2010 interview. She did so, and he died shortly thereafter. When Sister Agnès saw a German officer about to shoot a wounded Allied soldier, she stood between them and told the German soldier he would have to kill her first, according to another legend. Sister Agnès went beyond the normal responsibilities of a nurse, as exemplified in her care for Sgt. André Michaud of Fusiliers Mont-Royal, who had to have his arm amputated.

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