ABC Analyst Wrongly Calls Iran Nuclear Deal a ‘Treaty,’ Says U.S. Is ‘In Violation’

From the Free Beacon:

ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd wrongly referred to the Iran nuclear deal as a “treaty” Sunday while bemoaning President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement and reimpose sanctions on Tehran.

Dowd, who calls himself a “proud independent,” agreed with reporter Cecilia Vega’s fretting on “This Week” about internal divisions within the Trump administration over getting out of the Obama-era accord, NewsBusters reported .

“It does show. Who would have guessed that the first one to violate that treaty would be us and not Iran?” Dowd said. “I mean, we’re the first one in violation of this treaty.”

The Iran deal is not a treaty. President Barack Obama made an executive agreement in the case of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and ignored calls for the Senate to ratify the agreement as a treaty. Obama didn’t have the votes in Congress to get this accomplished, thus making it easier for Trump to withdraw the U.S. from the deal.

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