Sack Heads Radio Show, Wednesday, 1-23-19

All three Sack Heads pull down their visors and attempt to replicate Geordi La Forge.

Enjoy the greatness while it lasts! For the second week in a row, the Sack Heads team got back together once more, to give voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless and clues to the clueless!

Yes! Sack Heads SHAUN, Sack Heads CLINT and Sack Heads BZ appeared in all their gutsy, salacious pulchritude which follows, as follows:

Sadly, there is no guarantee that the Sack Heads Radio Show will continue with all three denizens due to various scheduling conflicts -- okay, only one scheduling conflict, that of Sack Heads SHAUN -- so enjoy and appreciate the shows as they appear!

The last full time Sack Heads Radio Show occurred on Wednesday, April 4th of 2018. Go here to see and hear the last show.

Here is tonight's show on Spreaker:

Listen to "SHRAT SHOW 1.23.2019" on Spreaker.

Will there be a Sack Heads show next week with all three, or a SHAT Show with Clint and BZ?

Only time will tell.

Keep listening!

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