Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Five simple ways to fundamentally improve the United States for every lawful citizen

As the days, weeks, months and years roll on, Life becomes more and more complicated. Just ask, well, everyone. Or does it?

Are some simple solutions to government within our grasp? Solutions that would streamline government, improve government, make it more logical, more rational, more accessible, more in keeping with serving the American people instead of the reverse?

I submit: yes there are.

Solutions so simple and so obvious that they are despised and hated by both sides of the aisle.

And that's when you know you've hit upon something important: everyone in DC hates it.

BZ's Political Axioms:

1. Goose and Gander
The Equal Application Act:
Every federal law created applies to every federal employee, no matter their age, sex, job, title, position or hours. No federal employee or contractor will be exempted from any federal law.
Not politicians, not judges, not clerks, not lobbyists in federal employ. No exemptions for anyone. Period.

You either apply the law in a blanket fashion or you don't consider it. What's good for the American people should be good for all.

2. Attorneys Revolt
The Tort Reform Act:
Two words: loser pays. Everything. Talk about a "chilling effect." Okay. Let's talk about the chilling effect. There. Now we have. Next?

3. "Truth? We Don't Need No Stinking Truth"
The Transparency In Bills Act:
Each bill will have only one fundamental topic. There will be no riders. No confusion. No attachments. No hanging something about military funding on a bill about ducks and geese. No trying to slide something stupid surreptitiously through some bland bill.

One bill? One topic. Period.

4. We Can't Move Our Cash Around Any More?
The Truth In Budgets Act:
Monies acquired through a given bill will be held only for that bill. No more mixing or stealing or moving cash in the dead of night from one topic or account to another. Encumbered funds for one bill shall remain in a given account. No stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

Taxpayers expected you to fix ___ with that cash. They don't want you to fund a bill for Blind Gay Estonian Monopod Dwarves just because. Oh. Like Kalifornia does all the time.

5. Send Me Back To Where?
The E-Verify Act:
Every employer has to use E-Verify. From a small business to every mega-corporation.

If an individual isn't a lawful resident of the United States, they shouldn't be employed.

You want to impact wall building? Try minimizing the necessity for building that wall. When illegals can no longer profit from draining America, guess what happens? Right. America gets less-drained. What a revelation. Let's do something unique. Let's try keeping America's cash in America. What a concept.

I'm sure I'll think of more.

In the meantime, this is a nice start.


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