Wednesday, April 29, 2020

BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon Radio Show, Tuesday, 4-28-20: Cybersecurity Expert MIKE FITZPATRICK On Hacking & Wuhan-19

Hours 1 and 2: BZ spoke again to the founder and CEO of NCX GroupMIKE FITZPATRICK, a cyber-security expert with close to 40 years experience!


BZ and MIKE discussed China, hacking, the Wuhan-19 pandemic, as well as Event 201, a "global pandemic exercise" that somehow magically corresponds to precisely what China managed to unleash upon the entire planet.

Here is the highlight video from Event 201. Question: how did they possibly know that a Coronavirus would meld the transmittable link between animal and human, creating a global pandemic? Why not go with what they knew -- something similar to H1N1?


Furthermore, it was planned late last year. Coincidence? BZ doesn't believe in co-inky-dink. From

EVENT 201: Coronavirus crisis is ushering in a new world order — and it was all planned out LAST fall

On this week's Wednesday night special, Glenn Beck revealed how a group of global elites prepared for a future coronavirus pandemic just months before China reported its first case. And the actions our governments, media, and world organizations are taking right now were planned out in a "high-level pandemic exercise" on Oct. 18, called Event 201. Last fall, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security partnered with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to host a "pandemic tabletop exercise" that was stunningly accurate in predicting the current coronavirus pandemic.
Imagine that. Does the collective group of players sound remotely familiar?

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