Sunday, September 13, 2020

BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon Radio Show, Thursday, 9-10-20, with DAN BUTCHER and Sack Heads SHAUN

BZ began the show with an audio tribute to 9-11-2001, that most infamous Tuesday.


Hours 1 and 2: BZ heralded the triumphant return of the loquacious and garrulous DAN BUTCHER, The Second Best News Man In The Business, to the Saloon.


DAN BUTCHER, a serious Texas Media Magnate (as opposed to magnet), regaled us with his tale of having nearly died twice, once due to a serious head injury, and the second time due to pancreatitis!


Sack Heads SHAUN bounded into the Saloon in the second hour, and we all took on the issues of 2020, Wuhan-19, Leftists, the American Media Maggots and more! 

Why take my word for it? Listen to the show below! 

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