Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Leaving Kalifornia

Back when I was a cop in Patrol, I used to measure other officers by what I termed their BSTL, or Bullshit Tolerance Level. 

Some cops had a higher BSTL than others. 

Some were so incredibly sedate and laissez faire that you occasionally wondered if they were alive. Some were absolute live wires. I was somewhere in between, though I also had my own personal BSTL. 

But I always made sure, as I told all my trainees, that you never acted illegally, you never bluffed, and you always ensured you were within policy. If all those parameters were met and I'd had enough of your ass, you went to jail. Some days I just ran out of explanations after the first one. 

My BSTL threshold had been met. 

This year, 2021, my BSTL for the state of Kalifornia has been reached. And I am leaving.

It's not "I'm thinking about it," or "I'm talking about it," or "the wifely wife and I are having discussions." Nope. Fuck that. We're both done. Fuck this state. I'm leaving. And I'm not looking back. 

For those of you who've told me this is wrong (and quite a number of you have said so), that more people like me need to stay and fight, I have a few responses:
  1. Clearly, my BSTL has been met
  2. I'm too old to fight this crap any more
  3. I'm completely disinterested in fighting this crap any more
  4. In my dotage, I just want to find a place where I will be minimally fucked-with
  5. I just want to be left alone as much as possible
The best way to do that is to leave this state and find an area where I will be fucked with the least. 

I want to not give much of a shit, on any given day, at any given hour, about much of anything except me and my wife, and our well being. We are my priority now. 

I want to wake up and not care if Seattle or Portland or Minneapolis or New York or Atlanta or DC or San Francisco or Los Angeles or Oakland or Berkeley or Sacramento or Chicago or Austin or Pittsburgh or Philadelphia or San Diego or Houston or Buffalo or Baltimore or Boston is burning. 

I want to wake up and not care if Urban Rat Cages are experiencing the worst crime and looting in decades. 

I want to be in a normal area with normal people with normal views who believe in God, our flag, who believe in our founding fathers, the founding documents, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the rule of law and due process. And who will fight the burgeoning Leftist hordes if they attempt to invade. 

You know. "Flyover country," according to Leftists. 

I'm done with those who hate this country and all the genetic mutants who try to bring her down every day, every hour. 

Now, make no mistake. That doesn't mean that I'm giving up politics. And that doesn't mean that I'm stopping the radio show.


It just means that my blogging and broadcasting will be on hiatus for a while, likely a good portion of the summer, until the logistical stars align and I'm settled into a new abode far from Kalifornia. Then I'm coming back. In a free state. 

As free as possible. 

And even then -- the way things are going, absent drastic changes -- those states may not last long unless normal people stand up and push back

I want a new abode far from shit, piss, bums, illegals, Leftists, mental cases, druggies, tokers, dopers (same thing, usually), syringes, tents, trash, brown grass, burned cars, mattresses on the sidewalk, shopping carts in the street, gunshots, circling helicopters, sirens and pursuits at night, every night, wildfires, no electricity, no water, blue sky every damned day (I'll get to that in a moment), crowds, traffic up the ass, thump cars shaking my lungs, panhandlers knocking on the window at every major intersection, emasculated and cowardly (thus pretty-much-useless) police departments, towns and areas that resemble beautiful downtown Mogadishu, parolees revving motorcycles in the neighborhood at all hours (not riding them, mind you, just revving them), family fights you can hear from three houses away, four foot brown weeds in front yards, the crazy, shirtless motherfucker who yells at traffic and crosses in front of your car, daring you to hit him, the broken fences, dumped wrecks in fields festooned with trash, broken chairs, furniture, car parts, more moldy, black mattresses, shuttered businesses, for lease and for sale signs everywhere -- and the Leftist elitists who shutter themselves behind walled hoods with security and who violate every law, rule, mandate or fine they levy on you -- with blatant, cavalier, smug, arrogant, haughty impunity. 

I could go on but I'd have to start consulting a thesaurus soon. 

I've done my bit for God and country. Instead of serving in the military, I chose to serve a number of law enforcement agencies for 41 years, easily twice as long as most other military or law enforcement personnel. 

I've spent, literally, thousands of dollars on politicians who held my Conservative beliefs -- and not necessarily Republicans. I don't vote Republican any more. I'm an Independent. The RNC can go to hell. They're damned near as bad as the DNC. 

I've spent, literally, more thousands and thousands of dollars targeting and helping personal friends, co-workers, those I supervised, and acquaintances out of binds, fiscal problems, family problems, bill problems, and more. 

You all know who you are

And I've never asked to be named or paid back or feted publicly, have I? 

But those days are over too. It's time to look out for two people now. Me and my wife. That's it. The well is dry, the tapped keg flows no more.

And so it is with Kalifornia. 

Kalifornia will, in a few months, no longer have my hard earned tax dollars to piss away on illegals, bums, drunks, druggies, mental defectives, and outright criminals. Fuck you and fuck that, Kalifornia. 

Kalifornia is simply ugly. Almost too ugly for words. Politically and physically. It has two seasons:
  • Brown
  • Wildfires
Its once-beautiful wilds are despoiled by a purposeful lack of caretaking. 

Where once there were controlled burns, CalFire would rather spend money on firefighters than forest care and management. 

I can show you areas in Kalifornia -- less than a few hundred feet from my cabin (which will soon be sold, and is on the market) where the ground loam and deadfall is one, two, three feet thick. That is absolutely obscene

And in those areas, as I look around, I can only think of one very deadly, very dangerous word: 


Yet you can't log dead trees in Kalifornia. You can't take out fallen trees. You can't build reservoirs. You can't build dams. You can't build electrical generation stations, power plants. 

Instead, Kalifornia removes power plants from the grid. 

Thusly, Cal ISO, the Independent System Operator, realizes:
Almost three-tenths of California's electricity comes from outside the state. In 2019, California was the nation's largest net importer of electricity from out of state and received about 28% of its electricity supply from generating facilities outside the state.
Kalifornia additionally pissed away, literally, billions of gallons of water out into the ocean for SIX -- count 'em, SIX delta smelt. This from in 2015:

Why Does California Let Billions Of Gallons Of Fresh Water Flow Straight Into The Ocean?

by Michael Zakaras, 4-15-15 Ashoka: What is the biggest misconception about the extended drought in California and why is this problematic? Andy Lipkis: The biggest misconception is that it doesn’t rain in California. The fact is, it does rain, even in Los Angeles and southern California. But we throw away most of that water because rather than collect it, we let it drain into the sea.
Yeah. Kalifornia is that stupid.
Why make freshwater when we could collect the water that falls from the sky? Even on the driest year in recorded history in 2013, it still rained 3.6 inches in Los Angeles. An inch of rainfall in L.A. generates 3.8 billion gallons of runoff, so you’re talking about more than 12 billion gallons of water that could be captured, but that flows within hours down our concrete streets and into the ocean. There’s enough rainwater to be harvested to produce 30-50% of the entire city’s water needs. Ashoka: What does harvesting rainwater actually mean? Lipkis: It means capturing and then treating the water the flows off our roofs and down our streets each time it rains. There are a lot of ways to do so, including by removing concrete and replacing it with permeable earth to soak in the water like a sponge. And homes and businesses can install rain bins and cisterns to hold the water for later use.
Here's how a Leftist thinks. And why I can no longer be a part of this ridiculous state.
“Is farming more important than fisheries? Is fisheries more important than farming? Personally, I think fisheries has gotten the short end of stick for years,” Moyle said.
So farmers can go to hell. Some of the finest agricultural land in the nation can go to hell. Fish over people. 

Which is really strange, considering that Kalifornia is first in line to let thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands, of illegals into the state. When we are in a drought. With little water. With shit for infrastructure. With no new power stations. No new dams. No new reservoirs. No new roads or highways. 

And oh yeah. Kalifornia demands all electric cars soon. Good fucking luck with that.


Wildfires burn power plants, power lines, transformers and overheads -- while PG&E turns off the electricity needed to power electric vehicles fleeing burning areas. 

Kalifornia is insane because Leftists are insane. And I can have no truck with any of that any more. 

I haven't even addressed money. Taxes. Inflation. The cost of living. Fines. Penalties. The cost of doing business. Regulations. Mismanagement. The one party system. 

Suffice to say: I'm done. 

I'll be writing later about my progress, because I have to simultaneously coordinate the sale of my cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains as well as the sale of my wife's house in Ghetto Central. For a house we are encumbered in escrow, in as free a state as I can find. At this point. That I can afford physically and monetarily. 

The area I'm looking at has three rivers, numerous lakes, and a power plant nearby. Only 230 miles from the Canadian border. 

I can't wait to leave this state. 

And I'm not just talking about it. 

I'm doing it. 


More to come as I get closer to physically making my final move and leaving Kalifornia for the last time.

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