Wednesday, August 4, 2021

RETURNING to SHRMEDIA.COM! It's THE WRIGHT WAY, with SHANNON and MIKE -- Monday, August 16th!

Ready for a wake up? Then join us when Shannon & Mike Wright RETURN with their fabulous morning show, THE WRIGHT WAY With SHANNON and MIKE -- only at SHRMEDIA.COM!

Get prepared once again for a full hour of news, recipes, information, great uplifting talk, insight into entertainment, social issues, books, sports, films, cooking, pets, last night's TV, weather, current events, the day's hot topics -- all the great things you need to start your day upbeat and well informed! They've got incredible guests too!

Listen to their show for advice on health, love, family -- or if you just need a good laugh to start your morning off right!

Shannon & Mike will give all you need to kick-start your brain, get you out the door, off to work, ready to take on whatever the day may bring! There's no better morning combo than Shannon and Mike -- their rapport is genuine, their understanding of what you need to motivate your day is too.

So, get things going The Wright Way with Shannon & Mike in the morning -- a positive, uplifting show that will make you laugh, cry, say "awwww" and also make you wonder why you didn't start listening to them months ago! They'll have you feeling like their best friend in no time!




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