Wednesday, February 23, 2022

BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon Radio Show, Tuesday, 2-22-22, with co-host LONNIE POINDEXTER on "Blacks oppressing Blacks"

Look! It's a numerologist's wet dream today!

Hours 1 and 2:  BZ and brilliant co-host LONNIE POINDEXTER talked about our shortened life spans as the result of recent national stressors, social media suppression (Facebook and Twitter have both suspended ol' Z), platforms vs publishers, trust issues, commerce issues, addiction issues. 

The bulk of the remaining show addressed a ton of Happy Stories. 

LONNIE POINDEXTER reacted to BZ's revelation of this article in The Tennessee Tribune by Rosetta Miller Perry:

Editorial: Nothing Worse than Blacks Who Collaborate in Black Oppression 

Throughout the history of oppressed people in America, and particularly Blacks, there has always been those within our population who cooperate and assist the evil forces of systemic racism. Every slave revolt that failed, whether it was Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey or Nat Turner, was unexecuted, in large part because there were slave snitchers informing their masters about the plan.  Fast forward centuries to the present,  we still have collaborators who hate being Black so much they are willing to help undermine others, while serving as apologists and mouthpieces for  white injustice.
As you may suspect, LONNIE had thoughts. 

BZ and LONNIE also featured the Chicago Death Toll Update, Happy Stories, and much more! 

Listen to find out! 

Remember: you can call the NEW phone number to the show, at (575) 208-4792

BZ has stated that the point of the show this year is clear:
  • Tell the stories you won’t hear from the American Media Maggots.
  • You’re an adult and you’ll be treated like one here; you decide what to believe.
  • It’s not all negative; far from it.
Do not abandon hope -- because things are indeed changing, for the better! And that proves this: ALWAYS push back. ALWAYS provide resistance. Never take anything lying down. BZ didn’t realize that a number of people didn’t know how to enter the chatroom, so he provided the following steps early in the show.
  • If you’re on a tablet or phone, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and touch “VIEW WEB VERSION
  • Once on the SHR web page, touch or click “LISTEN LIVE / CHAT
  • Or the red “ON AIR” graphic at top right of the page
  • This will take you to the Saloon’s chat room, where you can be anonymous or create any name you wish
To call in to the show, please:
  2. Give your real name, make up a fake name, no one cares, least of all BZ
  3. Allow BZ a couple of seconds to see and accept the call, and you’re on!
Full audio of the show is available below on Spreaker. 

Click on the yellow arrow below: 

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