Sack Heads Radio Show -- 3.15.2017

It's big, it's fabulous, it's a power that, once set free, can change the entire structure of the human genome itself. As Shaun once told Clint, "we could rule the world if we could only afford the right parts." Don't you doubt it for a microsecond.

Shaun and Clint made their triumphal return in all their digital resplendence because, after all, the show must go on and "the spice must flow," and flow it did as the Sack Heads focused like the human laser beams they are.

The Sack Heads discussed:

  • BZ discovers: though an ancient reprobate, he is still on Sack Heads Double Secret Probation;
  • Sack Heads Clint reveals the inner betrayal to parents inside California's SB 18 bill;
  • Providing tax exemptions to lure more teachers to California; good precedent?
  • California's Democrat Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon has to deal with blowback from the physical removal of Vietnamese Republican Senator Janet Nguyen from chambers;
  • de Leon reveals half of his family is illegal and possesses illegal California documents;
  • California wants to remove the concept of bail in the state;
  • Little Kim promises to get merciless;
  • Disney's first cartoon same-sex kiss;
  • DPRK and China mega-upset over US installation of THADD missile systems in Japan & SK;
  • Hawaii federal judge halts President Trump's second travel ban executive order;
  • Sack Heads actually do go "inside baseball";
  • Rachel Maddow's Big Nothing

Listen to "Sack Heads Radio 3.15.17" on Spreaker.

Come back next Wednesday for the "best in late night talk radio," when Sack Heads Shaun and Sack Heads Clint bring their collective rapier-like wits to the studio whilst Sack Heads BZ wonders just how the hell those two make it look so damned easy, to the point where even Ken McClenton wants to hug them!

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