Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sack Heads Radio Show, Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

And a spectacular show it was indeed.

Unfortunately, Sack Heads Shaun could not be with us tonight as, at the last moment, he was called for a highly important recital requiring the donning of his new tutu which, as Sack Heads Clint said, was not pink but "pinkle" which is a sparkly purple-pink. Ish. In addition, Shaun donned kick pants before he left the studio so that his dangly bits were appropriately covered, a unicorn emblazoned across his rear, with the horn aimed towards the center cheekies.

Nevertheless, Sack Heads Clint and Sack Heads BZ did nothing more than what you would expect under such dire and critical circumstances: they winged it.

And wing it they did, coming up with topics that, essentially, no one had foreseen at all.

  • Clint actually did see a spider last week, at a lighthouse, as big as his hand;
  • Actually, it was a big as a Buick and stared at him with unbridled malice and contempt;
  • AquaNet hairspray and a lighter was called for;
  • What happens when MLB takes the NFL knee trick and runs with it?
  • As did a player for the Oakland A's;
  • A high school band at the Oakland Coliseum played the national anthem on their knees;
  • Sack Heads Clint has now dropped the Oakland A's entirely; he's done with them;
  • Kneeling is going to bite the Oakland Athletics right in the arse;
  • Is Trump going to allow the release of the JFK files this October 26th?
  • We spent an entire hour discussing the JFK assassination and all of the various elements and theories involved and proffered over the years, including a dialogue about ballistics and weaponry;
  • Sack Heads Clint & BZ talked about North Korea;
  • Trump and the GOP: have they shot themselves in the foot?

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