Sack Heads: AGAINST TYRANNY, Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

The Sack Heads Radio Show on the SHR Media Network is no more; in its stead — same time and day — is the Sack Heads: AGAINST TYRANNY Show (an actual SHAT Show) helmed by Sack Heads Clint and Sack Heads BZ. Clint and BZ tear through the gristle of today’s screaming headlines and rip out the sinewy Tendons of Truth ensconced within, all from the Hoary Streets of Shatramento, Fornicalia, exposing the trembling toadies, sniveling jackanapes and fripperous fopdoodles infesting Leftist and Progressive ant farms nationally.


Tonight Clint talked about some damned crazy cap and trade scheme wherein California taxed you for your air consumption yet provided tax relief. A tax but a tax credit all in one. And a credit for every homeless or illegal criminal housed on the property. Makes perfect sense. For California.

Clint created the word "adultling."

We also talked about Leftism run amok, Jerry Brown sending the National Guard to the border, "asshatininity," "asshattery" and so on.

Clint hit on "Reparations Happy Hour" in an Oregon bar and -- well -- you'll just have to listen to the rest of it.

Herman Bell, a three-time cop killer, has now achieved the right to vote in the state of New York per Governor Cuomo. Conditional pardons to more than 20,000 parolees.

At least BZ's conjunctivitis had run its damned grotty course. Thank Gaia for little favors. And thank Gaia for Clint's animated presence in the show. This is why you want to watch!

There were oh-so-many-more topics and endearing moments in the show -- the likes of which you really should partake. We can't spill the beans here. You'll just have to click on one of the viewing or listening means. Then sit back and regale in the bulbosity contained therein.

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