Sack Head: AGAINST TYRANNY, Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

The Sack Heads Radio Show on the SHR Media Network is no more; in its stead -- same time and day -- is the Sack Heads: AGAINST TYRANNY Show (an actual SHAT Show) helmed by Sack Heads Clint and Sack Heads BZ.

Clint and BZ tear through the gristle of today's screaming headlines and rip out the sinewy Tendons of Truth ensconced within, all from the Hoary Streets of Shatramento, Fornicalia, exposing the trembling toadies, sniveling jackanapes and fripperous fopdoodles infesting Leftist and Progressive ant farms nationally.

Tonight, however, for the first hour it was Sack Head: (no plural) AGAINST TYRANNY. Clint was using his newly-restored nose to clean his fish tank like an algae scraper.

I apologize in advance to those who watched the show on Facebook or YouTube. BZ has conjunctivitis and, well, it's damned grotty.

For the first hour BZ talked about an article actually written by Evan Sayet and not Marshall Kamena, about the ascendance of Donald Trump and how he is actually a Wartime President, and a wonderful article by Sheryl Atkisson about the 8 signs that a counterintelligence op was waged against Donald Trump.


Clint appeared for the second hour.

Clint and BZ then talked about the newest NFL ruling on kneeling for the national anthem and why neither one of us is going back to NFL football. Jason Whitlock has it right: the NFL is a TV show and the players are nothing more than employees. If they don't wish to make the TV show properly, they should be fined and/or fired. The NFL continues to show it has very little appreciation for its fans, who are the consumers of the TV media. If you fail your consumers, your business will fail. Listen up, NFL.

Of course there was more. You'll just have to dive right in and start clinking.

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Heavy sigh: if only BZ had a producer.

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