Tuesday, April 27, 2021

BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon Radio Show, Thursday, 4-22-21, with thriller/crime/western author TERRENCE McCAULEY

Hour 1: BZ spoke to thriller / crime / western author TERRENCE McCAULEY, a very versatile writer facile in at least three genres, about cigars, New York City, dying in your sleep, the Nat Sherman Townhouse, his workload, how he writes, what's up next, and his westerns.


Hour 2: BZ continued the show with an explanation of the SHR Media Network's future, and the fact that the SHR Media Network is not going away. Go here for a full explanation of the situation. 

BZ explained that the SHR studio has to move from its current location because the house containing the original studio is being sold. SHR will, for a time, rest in the living room of my wife's house. BZ also explained about upcoming time off from the show due to his seeking another place to live outside the execrable state of Kalifornia. 

Announcements will be made when a show will occur, and most of those shows will occur on Thursday. In the meantime, BZ is in the process of preparing three homes to move, packing, coordinating with banks, realtors, card sharks, flotsam, jetsam, 1958 Oldsmobile hubcap and all the associated and frequently unanticipated gurp that comes along with a project of this size, this late in life.. 

BZ proffered the Chicago Death Toll, Happy Stories, and the proximity of this nation to a nuclear war, potentially with Russia, 

Plus: Leftists and Leftist corporations still want to treat you like livestock or a railroad car, and have you forcibly chipped "for your own good." Those are fighting words, son. 

Finally, because evidently the US Postal "Service" can't efficiently deliver mail and packages, the government has given its "enforcement arm" the duty of SPYING on US citizens and collecting information from the social media by ICOP -- looking for "inflammatory postings" and sharing the information amongst "other" intelligence agencies. 

You didn't really want those damned pesky freedoms and liberties any more, did you?


Listen to the show, audio only, on Spreaker. Click on the yellow arrow below. 

If you want to watch on YouTube, click the red arrow below. 

You realize you can watch the Zeppmeister on YouTube or Facebook LIVE right on your huge TV screen, right? 

Sadly, the studio internet died along the way and slightly less than an hour of video was captured. 

Yeah. Comcast.


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